First steps to creating a vision for our Waiheke future

I strongly endorse the views of Christine Caughey at todays Feb 24 WICPG meeting, especially her second “distillation” of the points she was trying to put across, which, to try and clarify them in my own mind by writing them down, I saw as:-

First create a vision of how we would like to see the future of the Island unfolding, listing the main issues which are essential to achieving this vision, then, identify existing local specific needs, anxieties, proposals, or programmes of work needed to achieve the vision over a reasonable time frame ( this would include an acceptable District Plan).

Having done this look at the practicalities of finding a form of local government that would be able to provide what is necessary to work towards these goals.

Maybe we would find that there is an existing system somewhere, or one that could be tailored to fit. ( My addition.)

I would like to suggest that pre-publicity for the first step, the “vision” meeting that would channel people thoughts and save time, could include a poster with a mock-up broad vision “tree” with comments under such as Not your ideal? What would you add / knock off?
Come and join a workshop and help to build a vision of the Waiheke you want. Is there a vision that we could all live with? Help us try to find one.

I didn’t take up time talking at the meeting, ’cause I didn’t have anything new to add, but maybe you’ll find some of this helpful now.

Best wishes Eileen Boghurst, Waiheke

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